Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Inspired by the vision of St. Vincent de Paul to see Christ in the eyes of the Poor.
Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas More Conference
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How to Become a Member

To become a member of our group, which is called a conference, involves an initial period of a few months attending our twice a month meetings and engaging in an activity that helps the poor and oppressed. Examples of these monthly activities are collecting donations after a Sunday Mass, preparing bags of groceries, serving a meal at the Kearney Center, providing transportation, and visiting the poor and needy.
At your first meeting you are given an information form with info about us, and about how to become a member, including a section for your contact info, and telling us a little about yourself. We will also provide a membership packet to new members and/or volunteers with a little more information about our current policies and procedures.
If you decide to become a member after a few months of attending meetings and serving the poor, we have a commissioning ceremony at which you agree to publicly accept the Society's Rule, in service of the needy and suffering, as a member of our conference. You may choose to be either an associate or active member.
How to Volunteer 

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Tallahassee relies on its many volunteers and donors to continue to provide assistance to everyone in need.
Whether you decide to become involved by volunteering, donating money, attending or sponsoring an event, or helping in other ways, we guarantee you will be more fulfilled providing for others.
We are always in need of volunteers for home visits, serving dinner at the Kearney Center (The Shelter), and collecting donations after Mass, on the second Sunday each month.
Please call Joe O'Neil to find out how to volunteer or to offer your own ideas about ways to serve our neighbors in Tallahassee.
Joe O'Neil, (850) 509-2086

Types of Membership 
Full Members regularly attend all the bi-monthly meetings and participate in the prayer life, charitable activities, fellowship among it members, and in the administration of the conference. Full members formally accept the Society's Rule and belong to the Catholic Church. Only full members hold office in the conference.

Associate Members periodically attend the bi-monthly meetings, participate in the prayer life, charitable activities and fellowship among its members. Associate members formally accept the Society's Rule, and may or may not belong to the Catholic Church.

Prospective Members are encouraged to attend conference meetings for a few months, take part in the conference charitable activities, and fill out an Information Form. After helping to serve the poor and becoming familiar with the conference and the Society's Rule, prospective members are asked if they wish to become a member. If yes, they can decide to be either a full or associate member. An alternate option is to be a non-member volunteer.

Contributing Members are those persons who wish to financially support the conference in a significant way or on a regular basis. There is no set amount to determine this, so it is up to the conference to decide who are contributing members.

Non-Member Volunteers are those who support the aims of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and participate in the charitable activities of the conference, but do not wish to be full or associate members of the Society. For example, non-member volunteers are those who help out by collecting monthly donations after Sunday Masses, or helping serve dinners at a homeless shelter, or who accompany a full member in making home visits.

Friends are those who wish to be included in the mailing list of a conference, such as the church pastor, parish council president, the finance council chairperson, or anyone else in the parish community who wish to be kept informed of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul conference activities.